Long Term Care Collaborations Welcomes Johnson Memorial Health

In March, SHO’s Long Term Care Collaborations team welcomed a fifth hospital into the program. Johnson Memorial Health is the newest addition to the hospitals represented in the program.

SHO’s Long Term Care Collaborations Team works with the hospitals to:

  • Create programs to support and enhance the quality of care delivered in nursing homes
  • Identify opportunities for nursing home clinical staff to provide expertise directed at increase their skill set for higher acuity patients and to identify discharge trends
  • Strengthen relationships between hospitals and nursing home partners
  • Disseminate best practices to SHO hospital/nursing home partners
  • Coordinate activities/ conferences/ symposiums/ collaborative events to assist with coordination of increase the quality of care delivered in nursing home facilities

The other hospitals participating in the program are Hancock Health, Hendricks Regional Health, Henry Community Health, and Rush Memorial Hospital.

For more information about Long Term Care Collaborations, contact Mary Ann Maroon, Director of Long Term Care Collaborations, at 317.692.5222 ext. 209.