Value-Based Care Success for Major Health Partners

Mike Gizzi smiling in a hallway

Suburban Health Organization has sharpened its focus on value-based care through its population health initiatives in recent years.  SHO participates in performance based “ACO” contracts with multiple payers, earning over $40 million in shared savings, quality incentives , and care coordination payments since 2015.  Additionally, SHO serves as a ‘Learning Lab’ for identification and dissemination of care transformation best practices guided by a Population Health Board that facilitates mutual accountability and prioritized areas of improvement.  With the recent addition of Mike Gizzi, SHO’s Chief Integration Officer, SHO now has the internal capability to help its members take the next step in value-based care, focusing on provider incentive alignment. The case study below describes not only a wonderful success story in value-based care for one of the SHO partner hospitals, but also serves as an example of the type of value-based care opportunities that exist for our membership as a whole.

In 2019, Major Health Partners (MHP) invested in a broader value-based care (VBC) strategy with two goals in mind: enabling providers and improving overall VBC performance.  This strategy involved establishing a dedicated MHP VBC work group and partnering with a consulting firm to support three specific areas:  VBC Readiness and Performance Assessment, Operational Performance Improvement planning, and Incentive Alignment (Compensation Redesign).

MHP dedicated new resources to this initiative and concentrated on provider education & engagement, care model development, analytics, and operations.  This multifaceted VBC case study highlights the accomplishments of these efforts over the last three years.  Part II of the journey will be published later this year and will focus on outcomes.   The successes at MHP illustrate the positive changes that can be achieved when leadership aligns with physicians and APPs to complement incentives and reward providers for population health related activities. Click here to access to full case study.

The authors of this VBC Case Study were Dr. Paula Gustafson, Ryan Claxton, Heather Ross, Darlene Wilson, Lacey Harness, and Mike Gizzi.