Recognition for SHO Members

Nearly half of all adults in the U.S. have some form of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack, stroke or heart failure. High cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes and uncontrolled high blood pressure are leading risk factors for cardiovascular disease, but with timely diagnosis, research-based treatment and education, these conditions can be managed.

The American Heart Association (AHA) is committed to ensuring that clinical practice matches the evidence-based guidelines for impact in cardiovascular disease prevention and chronic disease management. Accordingly, the organization has helped lead the development of Target: BP, Target: Type 2 Diabetes, and Check. Change. Control. Cholesterol.

Each program offers trusted resources for clinicians and patients, including ongoing professional education opportunities and systematic opportunities for quality improvement. The programs also offer recognition for organizations that are committed to and achieving success in clinical outcomes, based on an annual submission of aggregate patient data.

This year, several Suburban Health members earned recognition from the AHA. Congratulations to MHP Family & Internal Medicine for earning Target: BP Gold+, Check. Change. Control. Cholesterol Gold, and Target: Type 2 Diabetes Gold level recognition and to Logansport Memorial Hospital for achieving Gold level recognition from Target: BP.

“Chronic conditions contribute to the hundreds of thousands of deaths and billions in spending annually and those costs are often disproportionately born by rural communities. We are so grateful for the opportunity to support – and celebrate – the work at these organizations that are doing so much to change that. We look forward to providing further support to these and other health care organizations in Indiana,” said Tim Nikolai, Sr. Rural Health Director at the American Heart Association.