American Health Network and Suburban Health Organization partner to improve healthcare quality and reduce cost

INDIANAPOLIS – Aug. 12, 2020 – American Health Network (AHN), part of Optum, and Suburban Health Organization (SHO) have entered into a partnership to improve healthcare quality and reducing cost of care for thousands of people insured by UnitedHealthcare’s AARP Medicare Advantage Plan beginning January 1, 2021.

Teams of clinicians from AHN and SHO will work together to better coordinate care from physician offices to hospitals and nursing homes. Our patient-centered approach to care coordination strives to meet the individual needs of patients while improving health outcomes and reducing cost of care.

Other features of our care coordination include:

  • Cooperation between all members of the care team (including primary care, specialty providers)
  • Clear communication between everyone involved in a patient’s care, including the patient and/or the patient’s caregiver
  • Ensuring no unnecessary and/or redundant tests or procedures, which can both improve the patient’s experience and reduce the cost of care
  • Greater emphasis on wellness, as supported by AHN’s Wellness Starts Within initiative

In addition to improving a patient’s experience, quality of care and reducing cost of care, this program is leading the way by paying physicians for helping patients manage their illnesses and become healthier.