SHO Direct Partners with Vālenz Health

In the fall of 2020, SHO launched a collaboration with Vālenz Health to assist with the distribution and promotion of SHO Direct. SHO Direct launched in 2016 as a direct-to-employer health plan network with 10 community health systems, providing convenient access to more than 300 primary care providers and 1,000 medical specialists across Indiana. In addition to the SHO health systems, SHO Direct joined forces with our tertiary partners to provide additional higher-level and post-acute levels of care. 

Vālenz brings a robust portfolio of business solutions for the self-insured industry fueled by highly sophisticated analytics to significantly impact quality, utilization, and cost through a complete ecosystem of products. “Valenz drives network utilization upwards of 85% by engaging early and often with concierge-level navigation to assure improved health outcomes and deliver savings of 20-40 percent,” said Rob Gelb, Chief Executive Officer at Vālenz. Vālenz partnered with SHO to expand their high-performance network solution and offer one of the leading client-centric networks in Indiana through SHO Direct.

SHO and Vālenz are working together, to directly influence the health of patient populations and provide value in the form of exceptional quality of care at the lowest possible cost, with physicians leading the care transformation process. SHO Direct is positioned to offer a full-service community-based experience to achieve a better overall quality of life, greater outcomes, positive patient experiences, easy access to state of the art technology and virtual environments, a broad spectrum of specialty services, and competitive pricing, while delivering significant savings to our community employers.

If your organization has a local employer inquiring about direct health plan network contracting options and you would like to connect them with Vālenz, please have them contact Jordan Hersh, Vice President Business Development at (602) 792-5372. For more information or questions about SHO Direct, please contact Dave Lippincott, SHO President, at (317) 692-5222 ext. 288.