“I cannot say ‘THANK YOU’ enough to Major [Health Partners] and all of their healthcare heroes…”

“Unfortunately, my mother found out yesterday in a call from the Hospital that she is, indeed, fighting the COVID-19 bug (symptoms are not severe at this time).  Shortly thereafter, a part of her hearing aid came off in her ear.  Neither the provider where she got the hearing aid nor her doctor could have her come to their office in light of her having just been diagnosed COVID-positive.  Then her doctor set up for Major Health Partners to send a doctor to her home to get it out for her.  Dr. Buchanan and Amie Tennell showed up and, in full COVID battlegear, removed the piece from her ear while they stood on her front porch (that gives the neighbors something to talk about, huh?).  I cannot say “THANK YOU” enough to Major Health Partners and all of their healthcare heroes for all that they do for us – and particularly to these 2 COVID warriors for going above and beyond!  YOU ROCK!”

Patient, Major Health Partners