Batesville Community Shows Support of Margaret Mary Health through “Gnome” More COVID Campaign

“In late June, the Margaret Mary Health Foundation launched a ‘Gnome’ More COVID campaign.  This campaign was designed to raise both awareness and funds for the COVID-19 Relief Fund.  The fund was established to provide support to the hospital as we work together with the community to fight the pandemic.  While COVID-19 is no laughing matter, the masked gnomes brought smiles to many faces.  For a $20 donation individuals could ‘Gnome’ a neighbor, friend or family member.  The gnomes were placed after dark and would appear in the morning for families to enjoy and were then removed the following evening for another $10 donation.  The campaign encouraged people to share photos on Instagram and Facebook with #MMHFigotgnomed and #MMHFgnomemorecovid.  A landing page for accepting donations and submitting individuals to be ‘gnomed’ was also set-up.  In total more than $5,300 was raised for the COVID-19 Relief Fund and the community had a lot of fun sharing pictures of being ‘gnomed.’”

Margaret Mary Health 

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