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Welcome to the Newest Providers Recruited through SHO’s Recruitment Program

Please join us in welcoming these new additions to the clinical teams at the SHO hospitals.

  • Linda Abels, MD (Riverview Health)
  • Matthew Barrett, MD, FACS (Henry Community Health)
  • James Brinkruff, MD (Hancock Health)
  • Manish Chheda, MD (Hancock Health)
  • Joyce Geis, FNP-BC (Rush Memorial Hospital)
  • Lisa Haley, MD (Hancock Health)
  • Paul Halter, MD (Hancock Health)
  • Thomas Heniff, MD, MBA (Major Hospital)
  • Harold Hibbs, MD (Major Hospital)
  • Kenton Hilbish, MD (Henry Community Health)
  • Crystal Jones, MD (Witham Health Services)
  • Michael Knox, MD (Witham Health Services)
  • Bijender Kumar, MD (Hancock Health)
  • Eric Marcotte, MD (Riverview Health)
  • Indrek Meyer, MD (Hancock Health)
  • Steven Miller, MD, CWS (Henry Community Health)
  • Laura Rife, MD, MBA (Hancock Health)
  • Matt Ryan, MD (Henry Community Health)
  • Daniel Stahl, DO (Rush Memorial Hospital)
  • Lauren Stanley, MD, FACEP (Witham Health Services)
  • William Ross Strong, MD (Witham Health Services)
  • Jennifer Zyromski, MD (Riverview Health)

For more information about SHO’s Physician Recruitment efforts, visit or contact Lauren Carrell, Physician Recruiter, at 317.692.5222 ext. 279.