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SHO Direct

SHO Direct is a new network design created for Indiana employers. It brings together 10 high-quality, low-cost community health systems that work together to expand  access to care and lower costs for employees and employers.

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Provider Recruitment

Suburban Health Organization (SHO) is a leader in Indiana and Indianapolis area provider recruitment and offers physician practice opportunities in systems in suburban and rural locations.


Continuing Education

Suburban Health Organization is accredited by the Indiana State Medical Association to provide continuing medical education to physicians.  Additional programs available for nurses.

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Population Health

Suburban Health Organization works to position its hospital members and the patients they serve for success under risk-based reimbursement models while improving the health of our communities.

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Expense Reduction

SHO hospitals work together to reduce operating expenses by leveraging economies of scale through shared service and group purchasing arrangements.

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Clinical Integration

SHO hospitals work together to achieve shared clinical goals through provider education, shared provider opportunities, and accountable care arrangements aimed toward increased quality outcomes and decreasing cost of care.

Suburban Health Organization serves its members by providing a collaborative forum to facilitate desired integrations and outcomes, while allowing care to remain local and preserving deep-rooted ties to hospital communities.

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Suburban Health Organization (SHO) is comprised of thirteen community-based Indiana hospitals working together to improve access to the highest quality healthcare possible. Incorporated in 1994, SHO serves its members by providing a collaborative forum to facilitate desired integrations and outcomes, while allowing care to remain local and preserving deep-rooted ties to hospital communities. For nearly 30 years, this synergetic group has created value by forming shared services, leveraging their combined purchasing power, sharing best practices, and finding innovative solutions to some of healthcare’s biggest challenges. Through partnership, we are ensuring that vital, independent community health systems continue to thrive. Together, we are creating healthier communities.

Our members include Decatur County Memorial Hospital, Goshen Health, Hancock Health, Hendricks Regional Health, Henry Community Health, Johnson Memorial Health, Logansport Memorial Hospital, Major Health Partners, Margaret Mary Health, Marion Health, Riverview Health, Rush Memorial Hospital, and Witham Health Services. Our members regularly collaborate with the following tertiary systems for patient care and community based health initiatives: Ascension St. VincentFranciscan Health, and Indiana University Health.

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Value-Based Care Success for Major Health Partners

Suburban Health Organization has sharpened its focus on value-based care through its population health initiatives in recent years.  SHO participates in performance based “ACO” contracts with multiple payers, earning over $40 million in shared savings, quality incentives , and care coordination payments since 2015.  Additionally, SHO serves as a ‘Learning Lab’ for identification and dissemination of care transformation best practices guided by a Population Health Board that facilitates mutual accountability and prioritized areas of improvement.  With the recent addition of Mike Gizzi, SHO’s Chief Integration Officer, SHO now has the internal capability to help its members take the next step in value-based care, focusing on provider incentive alignment. The case study below describes not only a wonderful success story in value-based care for one of the SHO partner hospitals, but also serves as an example of the type of value-based care opportunities that exist for our membership as a whole.

In 2019, Major Health Partners (MHP) invested in a broader value-based care (VBC) strategy with two goals in mind: enabling providers and improving overall VBC performance.  This strategy involved establishing a dedicated MHP VBC work group and partnering with a consulting firm to support three specific areas:  VBC Readiness and Performance Assessment, Operational Performance Improvement planning, and Incentive Alignment (Compensation Redesign).

MHP dedicated new resources to this initiative and concentrated on provider education & engagement, care model development, analytics, and operations.  This multifaceted VBC case study highlights the accomplishments of these efforts over the last three years.  Part II of the journey will be published later this year and will focus on outcomes.   The successes at MHP illustrate the positive changes that can be achieved when leadership aligns with physicians and APPs to complement incentives and reward providers for population health related activities. Click here to access to full case study.

The authors of this VBC Case Study were Dr. Paula Gustafson, Ryan Claxton, Heather Ross, Darlene Wilson, Lacey Harness, and Mike Gizzi.

News and Updates

Suburban Health Organization Board of Directors names Dr. Craig Wilson, MD, MHSc, FACP, as President and CEO

February 15, 2024

The Suburban Health Organization Board of Directors has named Dr. Craig Wilson, MD, MHSc, FACP, as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective January 2, 2024. “We are incredibly proud to announce Dr. Wilson as our next President,” said Board Chairman, Steve Long, MHA, MBA, FACHE. “With SHO’s commitment to deliver the highest quality care…

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Witham CEO Honored by Alma Mater

January 30, 2024

Nearly ten years ago, the Fairbanks School of Public Health introduced the Distinguished Alumni Award. This honor is given to an alumnus who has made a substantial impact throughout their career and is chosen by the Public Health Alumni Board. This year’s recipient of the 2023-24 Distinguished Alumni Award is Kelly Braverman, president and CEO…

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Recognition for SHO Members

October 10, 2023

Nearly half of all adults in the U.S. have some form of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack, stroke or heart failure. High cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes and uncontrolled high blood pressure are leading risk factors for cardiovascular disease, but with timely diagnosis, research-based treatment and education, these conditions can be managed. The American Heart Association…

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Welcome to Tara McVay, President and CEO of Logansport Memorial Hospital

September 25, 2023

President of Suburban Health Organization, Dave Lippincott commented, “We are thrilled to see Tara McVay assume the President/CEO role at Logansport Memorial. With Tara’s experience and time spent there over the last 25 years, I am eager to see all the ways her addition will contribute to the SHO collective, and to the community around her.”…

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Welcome to Dr. Michelle Fenoughty, President and CEO of Hendricks Regional Health

August 23, 2023

Please join us in welcoming the new President and CEO of Hendricks Regional Health, Dr. Michelle Fenoughty. With nearly 30 years of experience extending across multiple areas within healthcare, Dr. Fenoughty stands out in more ways than one. This includes the decades she spent as a practicing women’s health physician, as well as her roles…

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Welcome to the Newest Providers Placed through SHO’s Recruitment Program

December 20, 2023

Please join us in welcoming these new additions to the clinical teams at the SHO hospitals. For more information about SHO’s Provider Recruitment efforts, please visit or contact Bianca McKinney, Provider Recruiter, at 317.692.5222 ext. 215.

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