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Long Term Care Collaborations Provides Education to Nursing Staff at Partnered Skilled Nursing Facilities

Henry Community Health hosted an education event on March 15th. Almost 50 nurses attended from across the state to hear information on topics related to current issues and challenges in long term care such as: COPD and assessment, coping with challenging behaviors, managing pain in the elderly, wound care, and leadership. The responses were overwhelmingly positive and attendees repeatedly stated how much they look forward to future events.

During the event, the launch of the Google Group, Long Term Care Collaborations in Indiana was announced. It is an online, email-based forum created for virtual networking. This tool can be utilized by the nurses and administrators of nursing homes partnered with the SHO hospitals. This tool should serve as a beneficial resource for them as it provides the ability to network without leaving their buildings.

Also, due to demand from the more distant facilities, SHO hosted an event in Plymouth, Indiana for those facilities in the north. This event took place on May 17th. SHO's new Long Term Care Educator, Kara Dawson, presented on Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation (SBAR) in addition to other presentations based on topics continually requested by attending nurses. SBAR is a communication tool many nurses within long term care facilities use when addressing patients and communicating patients’ needs to physicians.

In addition, Rush Memorial Hospital will be hosting the next event in July and the southern facilities will enjoy their own event in the Evansville area in September.

For more information about upcoming Long Term Care Education events, please contact Kalob Gossett at 317.692.5222 or

Welcome to the Newest Physicians in the SHO Family

The following physicians worked through SHO Physician Recruitment and have recently been hired into the SHO family. For a complete list of physicians and nurse practitioners who have begun practicing as part of the SHO family, click here.

  • Gary Boog joins the clinical team at Johnson Memorial Health. Mr. Boog is a Physician Assistant.
  • Ashely Boyer joins the team at Hendricks Regional Health. Ms. Boyer is a Nurse Practitioner.
  • Phyllis Harmon, Nurse Practitioner, joins the clinical team at Johnson Memorial Health.
  • Mindy Ho, MD joins Hendricks Regional Health. Dr. Ho is a General Surgeon.
  • Joe Hui, MD joins Riverview Health to practice Sports Medicine.
  • Jeffrey Klak, MD joins Riverview Health to practice Family Medicine.
  • Jenny Lee, Nurse Practitioner, joins Johnson Memorial Health.
  • Nancy Marshall, MD joins Witham Health Services as a Hospitalist.
  • Ann Mattingly, MD joins Hendricks Regional Health as a Breast Surgeon.

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